What differences can Nanomaterials make to the environment?

Nanomaterial magnified and edited/designed (CGI) — (Nanotechnology Experts Meet to Share New Ideas, 2021).

An American Physicist stated that;

“‎By 2100, our destiny is to become like the gods we once worshipped and feared. But our tools will not be magic wands and potions but the science of computers, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and most of all, the quantum theory.” (Kaku, 2016)

Are there better, more sustainable ways to go about our daily lives than polluting our world, maybe we should start from the very root of the problem, farming?

Old Remains of a (Mini) Bush-fire. By Authour.

Elon Musk stated during a World Energy Innovation Forum that “It is quite worrying, the future of the world”. There are many forms of pollution, however, despite this, it seems that these pollution's in general are collectively dominating our world, and arguably, it is due to our immoral and rapid development. Obviously, we can’t blame one individual or organisation, because this is just how humanity was taught and influenced to grow. We…

Image: By Authour

It felt like morning as I woke up, but not the morning one may be used to, it was one full of dread with sky’s coloured in black, grounds comparable to the abode of the damned. I was a migrant from England who came to study the elegant aesthetics of which Japan had to offer, in the professional field I was referred to as a philosopher of ‘environmental’ aesthetics, but what lay before me contradicts my views of the country of which can now only be resembled to that of the bloodied wasteland’s. Nagasaki was an amazing place it was…

Yin (The unknown, chaos) and Yang (The known and the good) — A symbol found in Ancient Chinese Philosophy which illustrates that two contradictory forces may actually be interdependent and connected. This can relate to the consequence of scientific discoveries in the manner that scientific discoveries can carry both positive consequences (Yang) and negative consequences (Yin), one invention can truly be told to be good, despite this, it can also have bad consequences.

The “father of the atomic bomb”, Robert Oppenheimer claims that “A scientist cannot hold back progress because of fears of what the world will do with his discoveries”. Arguably, Oppenheimer is correct in his statement that a scientist should not withhold things just because of their fears for the effects that the invention or discovery would have on the world. This is because limiting oneself to their fears will not allow an improvement in civilisation, by limiting discoveries, it is true that many negative creations would likely seize to exist, but at the same time, the progress of the development…

Heshan Dewapakshage

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